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January 28, 2011

Video: Lloyd Banks On ‘Victory’ Freestyle: “That Freestyle Got Me My First Check.”

Fabolous Preps New Mixtape For February

After his hugely popular mixtape There Is Not Competition 2 last year, Fabo is readying another free offering for his fans set to drop sometime in February, 2011. As of now, the tentative title is The S.O.U.L. Tape since he’ll be rapping over soul sampled beats and will have no DJ drops. #Win.
“I’m almost done with it. I did the poll [on Twitter] to get people interactive with it and see what names they would come up with. I’m doing it over all old soul sampled beats, so I wanted to keep the world ‘soul’ within the title. A lot of people picked ‘Soul Survivor’ or really attached it to There Is No Competition because they are already familiar with that and that’s one of the mixtape monikers for me. But I wanted to keep it separate from There Is No Competition, even though that name is winning [in the poll]. I might actually go with the third option which is ‘The S.O.U.L. Tape.’ The first one that was winning was ‘Rest The Souls of the Competition.’ That’s kinda like playing into There Is No Competition 2 and the next one is ‘TINC 2.5: Soul Survivor.’ But I’m trying to steer away from that because that’s its own brand. I want to steer away from both of those and just call it ‘The S.O.U.L. Tape.’”
“For a while there hasn’t been a tape without a DJ since like maybe Drake’s tape or Lil Wayne’s tape. Everybody usually has a DJ attached to it which is dope, I think it’s a dope thing for both the DJ and the artist. They usually blend the tapes well and it good for the music, but I think I want to do it without— just music. Its kinda one of those tapes that I want people to just sit through and listen and really hear the lyrics. DJs bring it back sometimes or they’re talking on top of it.”
As told to XXL

Jim Jones – ‘Crash’

 ‘Download    Crash’

January 27, 2011

Snoop Dogg – ‘It’s D Only Thang’

In The Mix With DJ Steph Floss: 1.26.11 x Vlog Day 309 (The Prince Of The City)

Still stuck in the house? No worries, Floss has a new mix for you to vibe out to. And if that’s not enough, he takes you inside his mixshow and shows you how it all goes down at Z109 in Cleveland.
DOWNLOAD: In The Mix With DJ Steph Floss: 1.26.11

Timbaland – ‘Lil Apartment’ (Feat. Attitude & Six2)

Layne Harper – ‘Cafe Con Leche’

 Download   ‘Cafe Con Leche’

Photo Opp: Kanye West Stops By George Condo’s ‘Mental States’ Exhibit

Dr. Dre f. Eminem – I Need A Doctor (CDQ Clean/Dirty)

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Well the final has arrived via Interscope.. Turns out we posted the Dirty yesterday and it was the final version after all. Here’s the clean if you want it.  Sidebar: I’m mad at the horrible thing they did with the audio just before Dre’s verse. The song hits Itunes Feb. 1.
Download: Dr. Dre f. Eminem & Skylar Grey – I Need A Doctor (CDQ Clean) | Dirty

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Video: T.I. f. Rico Love – Lay Me Down

January 28, 2011 |  by Mizz E  |  MUSIC VIDEOS, VIDEOS  |  No Comments  |  Share  | 
I’m blaming this songs existence on the X pills. #Imjustsayin
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Video: Rick Ross – Devil In A New Dress

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Video: Nicki Minaj Q&A + Premiere of Moment 4 Life (MTV Live Stream)

January 28, 2011 |  by Mizz E  |  LIVE STREAM, VIDEOS  |  No Comments  |  Share  | 
Update: Live Stream ended. Video above, Q&A after the jump. Read More
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Video: Wiz Khalifa f. Too $hort – On My Level

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Rolling Papers hits stores March 29th.
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Photo Opp: Kanye West Stops By George Condo’s ‘Mental States’ Exhibit

January 27, 2011 |  by LowKey  |  PHOTO OPP  |  No Comments  |  Share  | 

Mr. West hit George Condo’s “Mental States” Exhibit last night at the New Museum In NYC. Condo, who crafted Ye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album cover and Ye’s cover art for “Power” as well. While attending the exhibit, Jamie Miles of NYMag caught up with Ye while talking to Condo about the “Mental States” exhibit. Seems like Ye had alot/nothing to say…if that makes sense lol.

Video: Wiz Khalifa f. Too $hort – On My Level

Video: Nicki Minaj Q&A + Premiere of Moment 4 Life (MTV Live Stream)

Video: Rick Ross – Devil In A New Dress

Video: T.I. f. Rico Love – Lay Me Down

January 25, 2011

Video: 50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather To Collaborate On Tomorrow Today’ Film

Welcome to My Hood-Miano (feat) Red Cafe & Uncle Murda

AlBe Back ft. Whosane – This Is Why

Wiz Khalifa – ‘Black & Yellow’ (Live At AFC Championship Game)

Chamillionaire Speaks On Unreleased Pimp C Song

During his Ustream session the other day, Chamillionaire had revealed having legitimate access to an unreleased Pimp C song but not being able to release it together with Venom, under his departure contract with Universal Records. Cham now explains the situation in detail to The Source.
When it comes to the Pimp C song, that’s something that’s just magical for my fanbase. We’re not talking about Lady GaGa or Justin Bieber fans, I’m talking about people that watched me grow this whole way. And I wanted to keep that one thing for them. Just to keep it real with those people that have been with me this whole way. And I wanted Pimp C’s family to be able to make some money off of the record because his wife was the one who gave it to me. In negotiations I wanted that song when I was leaving and they told me they wanted to make a majority off the song, it was like a crazy number. I wouldn’t have made nothing and the family wouldn’t have made nothing, so I didn’t see why I would do it. So I just gave it back to his wife. I’d rather you go sell it to somebody else and make some money than this corporation making all this money off of this record. It didn’t make sense.
Go here to read the full article where he talks about Universal, major labels, Playlist Poison, new single ‘When Ya On‘ and more.

Video: Bilal – ‘Levels’

Mixtape: Game – ‘Purp & Patron’

The mixtape just released to LiveMixtapes. Can’t give you an opinion yet, but based off some of the recent leaks, it sounds promising. Hit the jump for the stream, tracklist, and download link.
Update: Apparently, this is the first disc. This one is just called Purp and the next disc will be called Patron. We will keep you posted.
Update 2: That was quick. The link for Patron can also be found after the jump.

50 Cent Calls Angie Martinez (Talks WSHH)

Earlier today, popular video website WorldstarHipHop went offline and soon after 50 took to Twitter to claim responsibility for the ’shut down’.
I don’t know why people underestimate me. I just shut down WORLDSTAR for future advertising contact suckers lol. I put worldstar to bed, you don’t believe try me I will shut your sh*t down. Lol. I predict 2 more web sites will shut down this week. Take a guess who they are. I’m sick of the hate I’m to strong. Me and @FloydMayweather don’t thing worldstar was good representation of black people as a hole. We will present better.
He later called Angie Martinez‘ show and spoke about WorldstarHipHop and his comments on Twitter:

And here’s WSHH’s proprietor Q talking to Angie:

After the jump, we also have some off air footage of 50 on the phone! Wow.
Continue reading..

In The Mix With DJ Steph Floss: 1.21.11

Isn’t it great to start your Monday mornings with a new mix from DJ Steph Floss? Of course it is. And after you listen to that, you can watch DJ Steph Floss cause some damage during his McDonalds Flavor Battle Competition in NYC.
DOWNLOAD: In The Mix With DJ Steph Floss: 1.21.11
PREVIOUSLY: The In The Mix With DJ Steph Floss Files | Video: Before & After Featuring DJ Steph Floss

Video: Red Cafe ft. Rick Ross – Faded

Video: The Sitdown With Dee Vazquez: Bloggers Vs The DJ

The Sit Down w/ Dee Vazquez from The Sit Down on Vimeo.

Video: Joe Budden – Enter The Mind Of Joe Budden (Trailer)

Video: Buckshot Talks Online Promotion With Hof of

Video: First Date: Lil B

Is Kanye West Releasing His Sixth Solo LP Too Soon?

Yes. The end. I’d be an asshole if I ended my post there now wouldn’t I lol? Last night, during the Chicago Bears disappointing lost to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game, Yeezy tweeted up a storm about how excited he was in releasing his joint project  Watch The Throne with Big Bro Jay-Z, the release of his “All Of The Lights” visual in one week and of course the obvious: the release of his sixth solo project this summer.
Upon reading the news of the arrival of Ye’s newest creation, I thought this can’t be true. Maybe Ye’s just drunk of the Goose while watching the Bears, which he was, so the excitement sort of rushed his soul like he did that pale lil country gal during the VMA’s last year. But, he confirmed it with another Tweet saying his new album will hit this Summer. Hmm, tooooo soon Yeezy.
Let’s break down the time frame for Mr. West’s five previous projects, shall we? Ye’s first effort The College Drop Out dropped February 10, 2004 establishing Ye as a serious double threat in the game. I mean we knew he could rap, but not like what he displayed on his debut. Moving forward: Late Registration hits about 13 months (April 30, 2005) after the debut. Another masterpiece lyrically and production wise from the Chi-Town native. Yeezy ushered in singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Jon Brion to further the already proficient sound of Kanye West which earned the rapper a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, but was also nominated for a slew of other Grammy Awards including Best Album of the Year.
16 months later (September 11, 2007), along comes Graduation, Kanye’s third solo LP, which in my opinion is Kanye’s best album to date. Receiving much critical praise, Ye outsold 50 Cent’s Curtis LP by 300,000 copies in their Battle of the Titans release day competition.  A feat well deserved. 14 months down the line (November 24, 2008) Yeezy hits us with the somber composition 808′s & Heartbreaks, a project infused with the wallowing sounds of a broken heart, memories of his deceased mother and auto-tune, a device Yeezy still much uses today. The project wasn’t a favorite of mine. Well that’s not entirely true because when I’m reminiscing over a certain someone, I’ll throw it on. I digress. Forget I even said that. Damn it, LOVE! I hate you! Ok,  I digress.
Almost two years later (November 24, 2010), Yeezy unleashes the powerful, subjective, potent and long winded effort My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, a project where Yeezy exposed himself to the CORE. Probably on the same level as 808′s but with more lyrically driven content and a harder and authentic sound. Whatever Ye’s been through over the past two years, he detailed it in Yeezy fashion. His love affair with Amber Rose, the boldness of interrupting Taylor Swift on that VMA stage and its affect on him mentally, not understanding his position in this industry let alone this universe and everything in between. Not to say we marvel at human destruction, but Ye’s downfall made for some GREAT music.
So now here we are….January 24th, 2011 and Ye’s already preparing another musical tale for our earbuds to get lost in. Let’s not forget the release of Watch The Throne which is scheduled to hit this March. God only KNOWS what to expect from that project. And if you follow my opinionated thoughts on this page and/or my Twitter account, you already know how I feel about the first offering from the LP. What will Ye’s story be this time? Where will he take us? Are we so use to Mr. West’s struggle with society that we’re not use to the positive Ye? Could it be we’ve grown accustom to this type of behavior?
Is it fair to tell Ye to disappear for 12 to 24 months to create a 12 track opus that we’ll play over and over and over or do we welcome this rush of excitement? I can’t imagine the creative playing field he has set up for Watch The Throne, so can you ponder the playground he’s going to run rampant on for the summer release?
Personally, let Watch The Throne do it’s damage. Don’t abandon that humongous effort that could be deemed as one of the greatest collaboration projects to hit our speakers. But again, who am I to cage creativity. Is it fair to tell me to not post for 12 hours because I killed niggas with one post? Damn sure isn’t. I’m going to continuously kill the competition no matter what anyone tells me. I mean experience is the best teacher so if anything Ye could only learn from this situation if it turns out negative. And if it doesn’t…..well let’s just hope it doesn’t.
What do you guys think? Too soon or right on time???

January 24, 2011

J. Cole x Drake – ‘In The Morning’ (Live In Paris)

Video: Lloyd Banks – ‘I Don’t Deserve You’ (Feat. Jeremih)

Video: Talib Kweli – ‘Cold Rain’

Bow Wow – ‘Body Bag’

Video: Phil Ade – Spazzin’

Video: Wiz Khalifa Performs @ The House Of Blues In Cleveland, Ohio

Mixtape: Oldies But Goodies Vol. 1 (Presented By Papa LowKey & LowKey)

This initially started out as a task Papa LowKey asked me to do earlier this week. He’s doing a presentation tomorrow morning and needed some old school tunage for it. Of course since his son owns a music blog and he hates the thought of attempting to venture over to iTunes to find his requested material, I took on the job. And as I was putting together the list tonight, it hit me: THIS IS SOME GOOD SHIT. To take it a step further, one of my followers suggested I post the playlist. And to take it a step even further, some more of my followers wanted me to send them the actual product. And to take it ONE MORE STEP FURTHER, I decided to turn it into a weekly weekend series titled Oldies But Goodies presented by Papa LowKey and I. Cool idea? Good. Here’s the first offering featuring James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes, The O’Jays, Kool and The Gang and The Temptations! Tracklisting and download link after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »

Mixtape: Swiff D – LaDDers (Instrumentals)

Hey, new rappers….looking for a place to get your lyrical exercise on? Well Swiff D’s got exactly what you need. The homey just liberated his new instrumental mixtape titled LaDDers. SHIT. KNOCKS. Personal favorite you ask? I’m going to go with “Bar Tabs.” Tracklist and download link after the jump! Read the rest of this entry »

Kanye West Announces New Album For Summer

It’s only been two months since the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy but Kanye is in no mood to stop. He took to his Twitter to announce 3 things: the ‘All Of The Lights’ video will be coming out in a week, his Watch The Throne project with Jay-Z in March and his 7th studio album in the Summer. Go for the kill!

Video: Drake Performs @ ZĂ©nith de Paris Concert Hall In Paris

Video: Lex Luger: “I Put Life In My Beats. It Ain’t Just Something I’m Playing With Trying To Get A Check.”

January 19, 2011

Busta Rhymes – ‘H.A.M. (Remix)’

Ace Hood – ‘Hustle Hard (Remix)’ (Feat. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross) (No Tags)

Lupe Fiasco – ‘Words I Never Said’ (Teaser)

Nicki Minaj Says Replicating Lil Kim’s ‘Hardcore’ Cover Was Unnecessary

For the March/April issue Sean Malcolm and King Magazine sit down with Nicki Minaj where the platinum selling rapper opens up about becoming a sexy symbol, which she deems weird, how putting out her debut album has been a grueling process opening doors for up and coming female artists and replicating Lil Kim’ Harcore album cover, something that she thinks wasn’t needed. Minaj told Malcom of recreating the cover, “It was too soon for that. Not even too soon- it was unnecessary.” Minaj also opened up about the day she finally declared herself a rapper even though her peers thought it would be an unusual move for the LaGuardia High School of Music & Art & Performing Arts Student. “I wanted to do what the boys were doing,” Nicki recalled. “I always wanted to compete with the boys and I walked into the booth one day and said, ‘I’m a rapper,’ and everyone was looking at me like I had five heads.”
Minaj wrapped things up by showing appreciation for those that paved her way to become a successful female rapper in such a male dominated industry, but also took specific notes from the same individuals on what not to do. “I’m a businesswoman,” she proclaimed. “I don’t go onto the block and open up a Burger King if there’s a Burger King right next door. And you know, I won’t open a Burger King if I know the last one failed miserably on that block. I’ve done my research, I’ve paid attention, and now I’m ready for the game.”
The March/April issue of KING Magazine is on newsstands now!

Video: Talib Kweil – I’m On One

Lloyd Banks x Jeremih – ‘I Don’t Deserve You’ (Behind The Scenes)

Dr. Dre’s Rep Says ‘Detox’ Not Releasing April 20th

Just Blaze and Dr. Dre appeared last night in a short Twitvid and mentioned 4.20 as the release date for Detox, we assumed. A representative from the Doc’s camp now tells MTV that the album is not dropping on April 20th. The never ending saga.

B.o.B – Make It Rain Freestyle

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa

That Good BMF
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Diddy Covers The Source Magazine’s February/March 2011 Issue

Source: “What’s your assessment of President Obama thus far?”
Diddy: “I love the president like most of us. I just want the president to do better. There’s a difference between us voting for somebody and us believing in somebody. He’s the person that we believed in so I pray night and day that he understands how God ordained his presidency. I feel there was a promise made to God to look after people that was less fortunate, and [many] of those people are African-American…”

Juicy J ft. Machine Gun Kelly – Boat Load (Prod. By Lex Luger)

In The Studio: Young Jeezy & Midnight Black Work On ‘TM 103′

Video: Snoop Dogg – ‘El Lay’ (Feat. Marty James)

Video: Machine Gun Kelly – Lace Up Tour: Day One